Kiln Dried Birch Hardwood Logs 22L x 60 nets



22l x 60 nets + FREE 5 bags Kindling + 5 packs firelighters

  • Net contains Kiln Dried Hardwood
  • Higher heat & longer lasting compared to softwood
  • Kiln Dried to reduce moisture content. This makes the logs easier to light & generates more heat in a shorter space of time with less tar & soot deposits in your chimney
  • Our logs are stored in a clean & dry environment
  • Packed in polythene nets
  • Consistent size – each log is around 25cm in length
  • These logs are very easy to light and burn nice and brightly for a long time and leave very little ash. They all also have the benefits that birch bark provides in getting a fire started. The resins and oils in the bark are really flammable and it is well known in bushcraft circles that in conjunction with a magnesium steel and striker, shaved dry birch bark is the perfect tinder for fire lighting.